Inside the historic walls of Dubrovnik

The Eleganca Apartments are situated in a historical stone house dating from 1680 in the heart of Old town Dubrovnik, in the famous Stradun street.

The Eleganca Apartments are entirely a family project, the house has been in the owners family for centuries and was fully renovated and redesigned by the family at the very end of 2015.


There are three carefully designed apartments, one on each floor. Every apartment features modern custom made furniture and Croatian design. Also the rest of the interior (entrance, staircase, corridors...) and all the details are hand made according to the designs of Croatian architects. The whole interior of the house with its three apartments is very elegant so it was named Eleganca Apartments (a word from Dubrovnik subdialect).


  • — 1st floor
  • — accomodates 4
  • — 1 read bed
  • — 1 sofa bed

Đelòzija is the name of the apartment on the first floor, and it's a traditional word in Dubrovnik subdialect meaning jealousy. Đelòzija apartment is on the so called “piano nobile”— the main and most representative storey in traditional reneissance buildings, and it has 32 m2 with autenthic high ceilings decorated with stucco and big windows overlooking the famous Stradun street and the Gothic style portal of the Franciscan church.


  • — 2nd floor
  • — accomodates 4
  • — 1 read bed
  • — 1 sofa bed

Oriđìno is the apartment on the second floor, another word from Dubrovnik subdialect meaning a joker, a person who likes making jokes. Oriđìno apartment is also 32 m2, with the same spatial organization like Đelòzija, but instead of decorated stucco ceilings, here there are wooden beams and the original stone walls left visible in the interior. It faces Stradun street and the portal of Franciscan church directly across Stradun.


  • — 3rd floor
  • — accomodates 4
  • — 1 read bed

Kûndurica is a studio apartment on the top floor of the house, also a word from Dubrovnik subdialect, Kûndurica means a nosy person (someone who wants to know everything about everyone). The studio apartment is 26 m2 and it's very spatial and cosy, with a big shower whose window overlooks the Franciscan church across the street. The view from the windows is of the city walls and the bell tower of the Franciscan church.

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The Apartments Eleganca are located near the beggining of Stradun street, on its west side, near the gate Pile. This is a bit more peacefull part of Stradun with fewer bars and restaurants. The entrance to the apartments is from Zlatarićeva street, but the main view from the windows of the apartments is of Stradun and the Franciscan church across the street.


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